About Us

The first CMSA chapter in North Carolina began in 1993 with a vision of one person, Ameran Tooley. Ameran, a case manager living and working in Raleigh, got the idea for a local chapter at a CMSA conference in Chicago. "I just wanted to get together with others in case management and talk about our evolving role," she stated when asked about her role in starting the first NC chapter.

"There was really no way at that time to share information or resources. So a small group of us began meeting for dinner at Quincy's on Holden Road in Greensboro to discuss problem cases in our caseload. Usually only 2-5 of us met at first, so it was very personable and casual. We shared ideas and new technologies we were learning about and soon our numbers began to grow, so we decided it was time to have our first speaker. We drew up our first mailing list, got a speaker to talk about Viatical Settlements, settled on Greensboro, a central location for the state, and we were on our way. A year later, with case managers now coming from as far away as the mountains to the shore, and a monthly mailing list of over 200, we became a chapter. While it was a lot of hard work (the mailing was being done completely by hand), a network was being formed that was strong with key leaders (the first elected board, with Ameran as President). Our chapter membership continued to grow and we held our first annual state conference in Greensboro in 1996..." and the rest is history.